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Personal and Team Effectiveness 

We help people to improve professionally and personally with an indepth and practical Insights Discovery Personal Profile that is as unique as they are.
An Insights Discovery profile is ideal if you want to:

  • Help people to understand their working style and how it impacts others
  • Develop their inter-personal skills
  • Improve team performance
  • Create a more positive, productive, environment


To receive an Insights Discovery Personal Profile individuals complete a 25-frame evaluator and receive a 20+ page profile either within a team workshop or individually.

To receive a free insights sample profile, simply register your details on our contacts page, placing Sample Profile within the Subject field.

Personal and Team effectiveness workshops

We help you to focus on the issues and challenges most critical to your team’s success.  We enable teams to improve rapport, relationships and to achieve their collective goals.

Team effectiveness workshops are ideal if you want to:

  1. Monitor your team’s strengths and challenges
  2. Create space for open and honest dialogue within the team
  3. Overcome any obstacles that are holding the team back
  4. Develop action plans for continuous improvement