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Team Coaching & Performance Coaching

We help individuals, teams and  businesses to achieve the following types of benefits from coaching:

  • Greater performance and productivity of individuals, teams and the business
  • The implementation of change
  • A coaching style of leadership that motivates and develops teams
  • Increased creativity, learning and knowledge
  • Improved relationships between individuals and departments
  • Employee engagement
  • Accelerated growth and development of those with the greatest potential


Executive Coaching

Our executive coaching programmes usually start with a 36O degree assessment and feedback or a Discovery Insights profile.  We help executives to build confidence and to improve communications, decision making, objective setting, leading change, and self-awareness as leaders.

Executive Transition / On-boarding

The pressure on new leaders to hit the ground running has never been greater.     Early wins build credibility and create momentum.  In the first few weeks, new leaders need to identify opportunities to build personal credibility.  In the first 3 months, they need to identify ways to create value and improve business results. We help new leaders to diagnose the situation and coach them through an accelerated learning process.

Team Coaching

How does a football team deploy coaching? Do they only have their poor performers and star players coached in isolation, or, do they embrace a mix of team and individual coaching content that is more likely to deliver overall success for the team.  The latter of course.  Executive coaching typically focuses on the performance and development of the individual, whereas team and business coaching focuses on the performance of the group or organisation respectively.

In today’s climate, where companies are under pressure, business or team coaching becomes a greater imperative.  Business and team coaching is a very real way to fully leverage learning and change across the entire organisation.   Not only do you get the benefit of increased individual performance, you get the rich dynamics of an evolving team and its complex interrelationships; outcomes that can reach far into the business and potentially span all departments.