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In-company Coach Training Programmes

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We provide in-company coach training programmes tailored to meet your specific requirements. Successful companies are moving away from a command and control leadership style to one that empowers people and facilitates change and growth. Coaching is a key skill for leaders who want to enable people to make decisions and respond to changing and challenging conditions. We will work with you to develop a training programme that meets your business needs in a way that your managers will engage with.

By immersing ourselves in your business we deliver training that fits your culture and values, speaks your language, and that focuses on what’s important to you.
Our coach training programmes are designed to:

  • Develop a coaching style of leadership that motivates and develops teams
  • Helps support the implementation of change
  • Keeps employees engaged while they learn
  • Grows the performance of individuals, teams and the business
  • Accelerates the growth and development of those with the greatest potential