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What We Do

Personal and Team Effectiveness 

We help people to improve professionally and personally with an indepth and practical Insights Discovery Personal Profile that is as unique as they are.
An Insights Discovery profile is ideal if you want to:

  • Help people to understand their working style and how it impacts others
  • Develop their inter-personal skills
  • Improve team performance
  • Create a more positive, productive, environment


To receive an Insights Discovery Personal Profile individuals complete a 25-frame evaluator and receive a 20+ page profile either within a team workshop or individually.

To receive a free insights sample profile, simply register your details on our contacts page, placing Sample Profile within the Subject field.

Team effectiveness workshops

We help you to focus on the issues and challenges most critical to your team’s success.  We enable teams to improve rapport, relationships and to achieve their collective goals.

Team effectiveness workshops are ideal if you want to:

  1. Monitor your team’s strengths and challenges
  2. Create space for open and honest dialogue within the team
  3. Overcome any obstacles that are holding the team back
  4. Develop action plans for continuous improvement


Team Coaching Programmes

We will develop a bespoke coaching programme for you and your team. Although the programmes are bespoke they typically include:

  • Establishing team objectives
  • A ‘launch event’ where the team establishes its own development agenda
  • A series of workshops over 6-12 months to establish and embed new working practices
  • A review of progress and plans to ensure sustainable development

(Additional one-to-one sessions can be offered to team leaders as well as individual team members in order to support their development.)


Great leadership is the key to business success and employee engagement. In developing great leaders, you are preparing your business for the long-term not just for today.

Studies show investments in leadership development:

  • Improve bottom-line financial performance
  • Attract and retain talent
  • Drive a performance culture
  • Increase organizational agility


Leadership development and management training will help you to create the right environment for people to really shine. And when they do, it can take your business to a new level.

We offer tailor-made leadership programmes designed in close collaboration with you to maximise the impact for each leader attending.  If necessary, we can help you to create the right leadership values and behaviours for your business. Leaders will discover new ways of working and connecting with others, leading to exceptional levels of employee engagement and performance across your business.
So many organisations invest time and energy in strategic planning, yet fail to plan strategy implementation. This is where leadership comes in.  We have worked with leadership teams on strategic planning, developing and delivering customer experiences, implementing change and creating a culture of high performance.
We can also work closely with individual leaders.  Our highly experienced coaches provide confidential, supportive and effective executive coaching.

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Employee Engagement

Employee engagement affects nine performance outcomes – Gallup 2013

Engagement is about the relationship between your people and your business.  It represents motivation, culture, and both an individual and collective sense of identity – what do we all belong to, and how does what we do make a difference?

When this works, the benefits run right through the whole organisation. People understand what they’re doing, they’re more committed, their work is more focused, they think ahead and offer more; organisations attract good talent, and the best people want to stay.

Because of this, they convey their commitment to customers and everyone they interact with; this builds better relationships, reputation, and ultimately, profit.

Leaders and managers are critical in employee engagement. People don’t leave organisations – they leave their bosses. We can help your leaders to create a unique engagement culture and environment specifically linked to your strategic goals and priorities.  This may start with a diagnosis of your challenges or facilitated workshops to sharpen a vision or agree direction and may be followed by coaching and other support.  We can help you to engage your people in a way that’s meaningful, impactful, and makes a positive difference to their success.

Customer Experience

Product and price differentiation can quickly be copied and today’s demanding consumers expect something different.  Businesses must connect emotionally and rationally with consumers and clients through the experiences they provide in order to build and encourage loyalty and advocacy.
At different times our role may be consultant, coach, facilitator or trainer.  We adapt our approach to fit with your particular needs.  The underlying principle is that we transfer knowledge and skills wherever possible.

Your business may have already started its customer experience journey and found that something isn’t working or you don’t know what the next step is.  We can help bridge the gap with expertise and resources with specific skills; or help you by coaching and mentoring you through the different stages of the journey.

Perhaps you haven’t even started your journey yet; in which case we are here to guide you through the creation and delivery of your customer experience strategy.

leadership, customer experience coaching


Where are you now and where do you want to go?

Why should you develop a new customer experience? We can coach you through the development of your business case.

Customer Insight: How well do you understand your customers and to what extent are you delivering an experience that your target customers truly value, rather than what you think they value?

Do you have customer personas?

Culturally do you know how to identify key changes required?

What is your customer promise and service style?

At this stage we can help you by asking the right questions and how to find the answers.

Plan and Engage

Some of our clients have found it useful to have one of our experts on their programme board or steering group to challenge thinking and give expert advice. Others have used our coaches to coach project managers through specific change projects.
Part of the planning process includes identifying your customer’s expectations and gaps in performance. We typically map the existing experiences at key lifecycle stages and touch-points to create a common framework and then identify the gaps in expectation.  We can facilitate sessions with teams to agree the priorities. Involving your teams at this stage will ensure that you get buy-in to change.


The service profit chain begins with leaders who, through their leadership style and behaviours, create a great employee experience.  We can help you to create the right leadership values and behaviours that will help you to develop a culture that has the customer at its heart, with employees that are energised to deliver great customer experiences.    We can also help you to prepare leaders to lead and support the delivery of the new customer experiences by ensuring that they understand their role in communicating, role-modelling and coaching.

We can facilitate the development of a service style or service personalities that support your brand’s customer promise.  Service personalities describe the emotional character of an organisation’s customer service.  They provide direction for behaviours, recruitment, training, performance management, reward and recognition.

We recommend an engagement programme to connect people to the big picture.  We will design and deliver leadership and staff programmes or train and coach your people to either co-deliver with us or deliver themselves.   One of our principles in working with you is to ensure that we transfer skills.

Design and Deliver

Defining the customer lifecycle journey stages and mapping the existing customer experience at key touch points will enable you to identify performance and expectation gaps.  We facilitate co-creation sessions for you and your customers to define the desired customer experience.

Employee satisfaction results primarily from high-quality support and policies that enable them to deliver a great service to your customers.  We recommend a review of your policies, systems and processes to support employees and delivery of a great customer experience.

We design and deliver, or train the trainer, to develop new service behaviours and skills.
Frontline managers are critical in driving change, so it makes sense to ensure that they understand how to drive change, keep their teams motivated and coach individuals in the new service behaviours.

Embed, Measure and Review

We will work with you to identify what you need in place to ensure that the changes you have made are sustainable.

It is important to align business metrics and HR systems to the new approach in order to ensure that changes are measured and embedded.  We can help you to create a balanced scorecard and review recruitment, appraisal systems and induction training.

It is also important to ensure that you listen to your customers as they evolve and change or the market changes.  How do you ensure that the experience you designed is still relevant for your customers?

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We help individuals, teams and  businesses to achieve the following types of benefits from coaching:

  • Greater performance and productivity of individuals, teams and the business
  • The implementation of change
  • A coaching style of leadership that motivates and develops teams
  • Increased creativity, learning and knowledge
  • Improved relationships between individuals and departments
  • Employee engagement
  • Accelerated growth and development of those with the greatest potential


Executive Coaching

Our executive coaching programmes usually start with a 36O degree assessment and feedback or a Discovery Insights profile.  We help executives to build confidence and to improve communications, decision making, objective setting, leading change, and self-awareness as leaders.

Executive Transition / On-boarding

The pressure on new leaders to hit the ground running has never been greater.     Early wins build credibility and create momentum.  In the first few weeks, new leaders need to identify opportunities to build personal credibility.  In the first 3 months, they need to identify ways to create value and improve business results. We help new leaders to diagnose the situation and coach them through an accelerated learning process.

Team Coaching

How does a football team deploy coaching? Do they only have their poor performers and star players coached in isolation, or, do they embrace a mix of team and individual coaching content that is more likely to deliver overall success for the team.    The latter of course.  Executive coaching typically focuses on the performance and development of the individual, whereas team and business coaching focuses on the performance of the group or organisation respectively.

In today’s climate, where companies are under pressure, business or team coaching becomes a greater imperative.  Business and team coaching is a very real way to fully leverage learning and change across the entire organisation.   Not only do you get the benefit of increased individual performance, you get the rich dynamics of an evolving team and its complex interrelationships; outcomes that can reach far into the business and potentially span all departments.

In-company Coach Training Programmes

We provide in-company coach training programmes tailored to meet your specific requirements. Successful companies are moving away from a command and control leadership style to one that empowers people and facilitates change and growth. Coaching is a key skill for leaders who want to enable people to make decisions and respond to changing and challenging conditions. We will work with you to develop a training programme that meets your business needs in a way that your managers will engage with.

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In-company Coach Training Programmes

We provide in-company coach training programmes tailored to meet your specific requirements.
By immersing ourselves in your business we deliver training that fits your culture and values, speaks your language, and that focuses on what’s important to you.
Our coach training programmes are designed to:

  • Develop a coaching style of leadership that motivates and develops teams
  • Helps support the implementation of change
  • Keeps employees engaged while they learn
  • Grows the performance of individuals, teams and the business
  • Accelerates the growth and development of those with the greatest potential

Service Behaviours

We can help you to develop branded service behaviours to differentiate you from your competitors.   We then design training programmes to deliver consistency at every touch-point and deliver the training programme or train your trainers.

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We facilitate in-house conferences, workshops, and ‘away days’, helping our clients to build teams, improve communications and decision making and to develop business plans.  We use coaching methodology to develop new skills; enabling individuals and teams to improve their performance and resolve their business issues.  We are most often asked to facilitate business planning meetings where we ensure buy-in to the plan and more importantly commitment to action.  We are also often asked to facilitate project start-ups, or launch events where it is necessary to engage large numbers of people to deliver business objectives; leaving those involved highly committed and motivated.

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