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About Us – We are a Team of Coaches and Facilitators

Who We Are – Experts in Leadership Development

Inspired Experiences are a team of people obsessed with helping individuals, teams and businesses to tap into their potential and achieve better results.

Our founder, Julie Robinson an EMCC accredited Coach having extensive corporate experience and held a number of senior roles in customer services, operations and transformation and planning. At Virgin Atlantic she worked with Richard Branson to develop and deliver the branded customer experience that has been a key element of Virgin’s style and success.

All of our consultants and coaches are highly experienced with proven track records of working successfully with many types of organisations across a range of sectors, ensuring that our programmes improve business capability and performance.

We are passionate about helping people to live the service profit chain and the benefits of coaching and we have established a reputation for providing bespoke solutions that are tailored to the individual culture and challenges of our client organisations.

What We Do

We help our clients to develop great customer experiences.

We provide leadership development, business, executive and team coaching along with coach training programmes to drive up performance in organisations.

We facilitate team effectiveness and strategic planning workshops and company conferences to enable teams to achieve their collective goals and focus on the issues and challenges most critical your business success.

A 5% increase in customer loyalty can produce profit increases from 25% to 85%. 

‘Putting the Service Profit Chain to Work’ – Harvard

How we will work with you

We will partner with you to understand your needs and to help develop pragmatic business solutions. We believe that you know your business and we co-create wherever possible because solutions that are developed by you and us together are likely to be stronger than any solution that one of us develops on our own.
In working with you, our ultimate aim is to leave you and your business with a set of tools, capabilities and behaviours which can help you both plan for and manage the future.